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Is it possible to programatically open Safari and/or mobile Safari in Reader mode?

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The reader functionality appears to be derived, in part, from the Readability project. It might be worth reading up on a few of the resources out there which look at reader in more detail. Some good starting points, and links to other resources:

With regards manipulating Safari / reader, I'm not aware of any relevant API offered by Apple, and I'd be surprised if they offered specific code to put a site in reader mode. After all, the option to invoke this functionality should really be user-initiated if one is going by standard human interface guidelines.

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If you have a URL, then you can use the openURL method of UIApplication which will open the URL for you.

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That's not what he's asking. Christian wants to know if there's a way to manipulate Safari so that its "reader" mode (a method of seeing a web page stripped of all extraneous content and advertising) can be invoked programmatically. – Ben Aug 9 '11 at 7:06

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