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How to write this kind of complex join query with JPA, Some of syntax I have denoted below not work with JPA. I have used them for demonstrate way that sql query should build, so sorry about that.

SELECT Result1.name1, Result1.count1, Result2.name2, Result2.count2 FROM (
    SELECT AS name1,
        COUNT(taskOne.taskId) AS count1
        Task AS taskOne
        taskOne.defect AS defectOne
    WHERE (
        defectOne.defId = taskOne.defect.defId
        taskOne.taskCategory.tcaId = 1
) AS Result1
    SELECT AS name2,
        COUNT(taskTwo.taskId) AS count2
    FROM Task AS taskTwo
    INNER JOIN taskTwo.defect AS defectTwo
    WHERE (
        defectTwo.defId = taskTwo.defect.defId
        taskTwo.taskCategory.tcaId = 2
    GROUP BY taskTwo.user.usId
AS Result12
WHERE Result1.name1 = Result12.name2
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JPQL is desired for selecting objects. Your query seems incredibly complex, I would recommend a native SQL query, or simplifying it.

JPQL does not support sub selects in the from clause.

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Hi James! Thanks a lot for feed back, yes currently I am using native query as "entityManager.createNativeQuery("sqlQuery")". Have a nice time! – Channa Aug 10 '11 at 0:52

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