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I need to avoid double POST on refresh. So I'm using POST/Redirect/GET pattern (faces-redirect=true) and navigation handler (by @BalusC) like in this post. How to use that pattern in JSF 2.0 when action method return null (stay on the same page) ? Is it even possible or i need to use something other that POST/Redirect/GET ? I need to keep alive a view-scoped bean, so returning in action method the same view (PRG works) is not a solution (causes lost view scope).

view test.xhtml:

<h:commandButton action="#{bean.send}"/>


class Bean {
   String send() {
       // do something...
       return null;

   String send2() {
       // do something...
       return "test";  // view scope lost
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Hi, could you give an example of the case of use that you are trying to resolve? – victor herrera Aug 14 '11 at 6:24
Did you ever figure this out? – edhedges Feb 13 '13 at 21:09


Post/Redirect/Get causes two lifecycle scenarios:

  • The redirect causes a Non-Faces Response (Section 2.1 of the JSF-2 spec).

  • Get causes a Non-faces request with a Faces Response (Section 2.1.1). A new view is created in this scenario.

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some frameworks do implement this strategy by default: for example Spring WebFlow. Each Submit (POST) is followed by a redirect GET with a parameter "execution" enabling Spring to find the SAME view. for example :


I would love to find this feature in JSF toolkits like Omnifaces from BalusC !

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