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Sorry I don't have enough reputation to post an Image..

Above is a screenshot from my Netbeans IDE when I'am debugging. I found out there is no data in my params[:user_ids]. But then the console says there is, so what's wrong with this?.

Thank you in Advance!, God Bless!

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Did you resolve your issue? I'd be interested to hear how it went. – ghayes Aug 15 '11 at 1:04
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At a glance, you don't seem to have the right action shown there. From your picture, it shows that you are accessing the index action, yet you are looking at the reg action.

Your log file indicates:

Processing RoleController#index

From the main view, I see:

 def reg
   @role_id = params[:user_ids]

Also, posting code snippets directly will always be helpful in addressing these issues.

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Wow! you're good!..though it doesn't solve my problem, it does shed some light to why is it when I transfer @role_id = params[:user_ids] into the index action it does return some values. It still not answered though, but nice one ghayes – jovhenni19 Aug 9 '11 at 7:47
Can you post in a larger snippet of code, e.g. your view code for the action and your controller action. Screenshots don't make debugging too easy. – ghayes Aug 9 '11 at 7:53

use this line in your view

<form action='role/reg' method='post'>

and then use the parameter in your reg method.

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I've solved this by doing a work around to the way of Rails.

def index
   if params[:commit] == "REGISTER"
       #some codes...
   elsif params[:commit] == "EDIT/DELETE"
       #some codes...

That's it. Thanks to @ghayes, I managed to think of a work around.

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