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I had a missing file error that led me to a solution telling me this line of code would be my savior

sudo ln -s ../../4.3\ \(8L1\)/Symbols/Developer/ Developer

Instead this caused me a much greater problem and now I cannot run my application on my phone at all. Now it is giving me a broken pipe error. Can someone explain an easy way to undo that first line? I have tried everything I could think of - even went as far as to upgrade to lion, uninstall xcode, reinstall new xcode, I am restoring the device now in hopes it will force xcode to recreate the folders and files I somehow screwed with

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Deleting your developer directory and re-installing Xcode should surely fix any problems you created with the aforementioned line.

Make sure you reboot the device, not sure a restore will do any good.

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Ok, I will try it again. I think when I reinstalled xcode instead of removing the old one it created a developer-old folder and was then using some things from that folder to "intelligently" grab the info it needed. I will delete it first then install it again. Thanks for the tip! –  HarrisonJackson Aug 9 '11 at 7:52
Hey - thanks again - if you hadn't said deleting and reinstalling it should work I wouldn't have figured out I screwed up the uninstall the first time and I would probably be very frustrated still. –  HarrisonJackson Aug 10 '11 at 20:40

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