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I have a plugin defined as such


    $.fn.robodisco = function(callerSettings) {

        var findVideos = function(params){ ... }

            findVideos(data) });


And in my test I want to spy on the findVideos and check if it is called. Jasmine however keeps complaining it can't find the method. Here is my spec:

it("searches for videos for track", function(){
      spyOn($.fn.robodisco, "findVideos");

Is my syntax wrong?

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The problem is that you're looking for findVideos to be a property of the robodisco method which it is not. It's a local variable within that method, so trying to access it via robodisco.findVideos isn't going to work.

I don't really have a fix for you as I'm having a similar problem and am currently researching how to solve it. The methods I am trying to spy on are defined outside of the namespace of my jQuery plugin as recommended the plugin authoring docs.

I'll update if i find a solution. I can't find much and I'm thinking that it won't be possible for me to grab my methods since they're wrapped in an anonymous function call, but we'll see.

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