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I have a table-value function that takes an ID number of a person and returns a few rows and columns. In another query, I am creating a SELECT that retrieves a lot of information about many people. How can I pass an id number from my main query to my function to sum a column and join it to my main query? I wish I didn't have a table value function since that would work easily, however, this function is used elsewhere and I'd like to reuse it. Perhaps this isn't even possible with a table-value function and I need to create a scalar one.

My main Query looks like this:

select id_num, name, balance 
from listOfPeople

And the table-value function looks like this:


I would like to do something like:

select id_num, name, balance 
from listOfPeople
left join 
  SELECT id_num, SUM(discount)
  FROM calculatePersonalDiscount(listOfPeople.id_num)
) x ON x.id_num = listOfPeople.id_num

But you can't pass listOfPeople.id_num into the function since it's not really the same scope.

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In SQL Server 2005 you can use the CROSS APPLY syntax:

select id_num, name, balance, SUM(
from listOfPeople
    cross apply dbo.calculatePersonalDiscount(listOfPeople.id_num) x

Likewise there's an OUTER APPLY syntax for the equivalent of a LEFT OUTER join.

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This still works on SQL Server 2008 & 2012, and I can't imagine it "going away". +1 for a nice concise answer to a specific question that I had to Google because I'd forgotten the syntax! – NateJ Jan 10 at 1:07

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