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How do I get the HDOP or VDOP values from the GPS LocationManager?

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The GPS_Location:

double lo=gps_loc.getLongitude();
double la=gps_loc.getLatitude();

The Horizontal_Accuracy:

int horiAcc=(int)(gps_loc.getAccuracy());


int hd= (int) (horiAcc/5);
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Could you please explain last formula. Why you make div 5? –  CAMOBAP Nov 13 '13 at 12:18
div 5 looks like its some kind of aproximation, osmtracker used value 4: github.com/nguillaumin/osmtracker-android/blob/master/src/me/… –  Marcin Jedrzejewski Feb 19 at 11:48

Accuracy usually refers to HDOP for GPS in location class. However in case you want both you can try NmeaListener to get the raw NMEA string and parse it to get HDOP and VDOP.

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You need to register an NMEAListener and try to parse the GSA sentence (contains HDOP, VDOP and PDOP) or the GGA sentence (which contains HDOP for a fix).

Refer to NMEA 0183 standard for more info.

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