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How do I update all MySQL table rows at the same time?

For example, I have the table:

id    |  ip    | port      |  online_status |
1     |  ip1   | port1     |                |
2     |  ip2   | port2     |                |
3     |  ip3   | port3     |                |
4     |  ip4   | port4     |                |
5     |  ip5   | port5     |                |

I'm planning to create cronjob and monitor some servers, but I don't know exactly how to update them all from the table at the same time. What are some examples on how to do that?

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Your data comes from where, what is the data/information involved and what do you want to update? Not very clear from what you wrote. You can never really update all rows at the same time. – Sleeperson Aug 9 '11 at 8:35
you need to provide more details, how you want it to be updated? what sort of columns/information you need to update? – ajreal Aug 9 '11 at 8:36

Omit the where clause:

update mytable set
column1 = value1,
column2 = value2,
-- other column values etc

This will give all rows the same values.

This might not be what you want - consider truncate then a mass insert:

truncate mytable; -- delete all rows efficiently
insert into mytable (column1, column2, ...) values
(row1value1, row1value2, ...), -- row 1
(row2value1, row2value2, ...), -- row 2
-- etc
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update mytable set online_status = 'online'

If you want to assign different values, you should use the TRANSACTION technique.

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The default null value for a field is "not null". So you must set it to "null" before you can set that field value for any record to null. Then you can:

UPDATE `myTable` SET `myField` = null
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