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This is the continue of my previous question:

Delphi, WebBrowser, Google Login, FusionTable

But the test with WinHTTP also failed as TWebBrowser based test...

And this is one question as you wish... :-)

I have one table what is NOW PUBLIC, but when we will buy non-free account it will be changed to private kind.

I created a simple WinHTTP test, but this also failed.

I can login, I got the "Auth" tag, but the next "private" request returns 401 error.

procedure TForm1.BitBtn1Click(Sender: TObject);
    WinHttpReq, temp : variant;
    URL, s : String;
    params : TStringList;
    authtoken, query, posts : string;
    URL := 'https://www.google.com/accounts/ClientLogin';

    WinHttpReq := CreateOleObject('WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1');

    params := TStringList.Create;
        params.Values['accountType'] := 'GOOGLE';
        params.Values['Email'] := csEmail;
        params.Values['Passwd'] := csPwd;
        params.Values['service'] := 'fusiontables';
        params.Values['source'] := csSource;
        posts := EncodeParamsToURL(params);

    URL := URL + '?' + posts;

    WinHttpReq.Open('POST', URL, false);
    s := WinHttpReq.ResponseText;

    Memo1.Lines.Text := s;

    params := TStringList.Create;
        params.Text := s;
        authtoken := params.Values['Auth'];
        Edit1.Text := authtoken;

    //query := URLEncode('SHOW TABLES');
    query := URLEncode('select * from 1236965');

    url := 'http://www.google.com/fusiontables/api/query?sql=' + query;

    WinHttpReq.Open('POST', URL, false);
    WinHttpReq.setRequestHeader('Authorization', 'GoogleLogin auth="' + authToken + '"');
    s := WinHttpReq.ResponseText;

    Memo1.Lines.Text := s;


When I made "select", I got the rows. But when I want to see the tablenames, I get 401 error...

I'm not sure what cause this error.

a. The free account don't have enough rights to access it privately
b. I set the header wrong
c. I set the csSource wrong (I set it "MyCompanyName-Test-1.0")
d. Other thing I don't know what...

Can anybody help me how to login and access the data successfully?

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Change your method to GET:

WinHttpReq.Open('GET', URL, false);

And remove the " around your auth token:

WinHttpReq.setRequestHeader('Authorization', 'GoogleLogin auth=' + authToken);

The first change is to comply with the documentation (although POST also works). The second change fixes the error.

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