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I have a legacy application at my hand which uses ASP.NET WebForms.

My problem here is that, LinkButton controls doesn't set the Page.IsCrossPagePostBack to true. In this application, there are 6 LinkButton controls which are used to create related entities (they post back to a different page than the action of the form element). This MSDN Article claims that PostBackUrl causes Page.IsCrossPagePostBack to become true. But in my code, this is not the case. It always returns false.

Any idea?

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It's a bit counterintuitive, but you have to read very carefully:

In either case, the PreviousPage page property will contain an object that represents the previous or originator page. If, for example, Page A posts to Page B, Page A's IsCrossPagePostBack property (accessible through the PreviousPage property) will be true and Page B's PreviousPage property will have the name of Page A.

So the solution is:

    if (PreviousPage != null && PreviousPage.IsCrossPagePostBack)
        // do stuff
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