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I am using jquery jstree plugin . I can create a jstree with json ( it has its own json plugin). Once a initial tree is created , I want to insert more nodes . I have a subtree (in json ) to be insert .

I tried : var ret = jQuery.jstree.reference("#myContainer")._parse_json( subTreeJson , -1 , true) ;

It does not insert my subtree , but it returned a jquery object (that seems to be the generated dom ).

I then tried $("#myContainer").jstree("move_node" , ret , -1 , "inside", true, true, false);

It does not insert the dom too! Please help.

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The following can be used to add a new node.

        '<selector of existing node>', 'after', 
        { state: 'open', data: 'My new node' }
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        $("#DestTree").jstree("delete_node", $("> li", $("#DestTree").jstree("get_container_ul")));
    var retDom = jQuery.jstree._reference("#DestTree")._parse_json( workingJson , -1 , true);
    $("#DestTree").jstree("move_node" , retDom , -1 , "after", false,  false, true);

Finally , the above code work for me.

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