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   class CompanyDataSource extends DataSource {

        public CompanyDataSource(String id) {

            DataSourceTextField companyName = new DataSourceTextField("screen",

            companyName.setValueMap("Google", "EBW", "IBM");
            DataSourceFloatField price = new DataSourceFloatField(
                    "screenInstance", "ScreenInstance");
            price.setValueMap("10.5", "2.1", "9.8");
            // price.setPrimaryKey(true);
            setFields(companyName, price);

This is my DataSource which I am using to display two combo boxes on my ListGrid. Though I am populating price combo box using hardcoded values but I intend to do it dynamically on the selection of companyName combo box values.

Is there any way to handle the selection of companyName combo box value?

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