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I have a iPhone configuration profile (.mobileconfig) hosted on a server. The users are able to download and install it with ease. The problem arises when the users are unable to connect to internet (due to any reason) and download the file.

I was wondering if we could send the configuration profile through an SMS OTA - which has the profile and not the download link. The user opens the SMS, which in turn opens the Profile installation UI.

Any suggestion will be helpful. A way to build some "iPhone Configuration" app consisting of locally saved configuration profiles will be wonderful.

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I came up with the same idea as you.

It is possible. You send to send the .mobileconfig file via SMS which can be done by attaching the file using a SMS utility via outlook or via a webpage.

I just took the file which the apple utility, XML and produced the same output.

I decided to build a proof of concept page, here iconfig.kryptos.co.uk and let me know you thoughts..

Thanks, Wayne

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I tried using the URL and got the error <<Could not find a part of the path 'D:\home\site\wwwroot\config\tc3ieufd.55z.mobileconfig'.>> Also I think you generate a URL of the .mobileconfig which needs to be downloaded on to the device. But I've clearly stated in the question that the user may not be connected to internet. So download isn't possible. –  Sahil Jan 8 at 7:17
Right OK. Thanks for the feedback.. If you enter the mobile number it will send the mobileconfig file via text/sms. I shall look into the above error. –  Rambling Geek Jan 9 at 9:24
I have fixed the above error. –  Rambling Geek Jan 14 at 16:50
Sahil, I have just noted that you say the user may not be connected to the internet, won't they have 3g/4g? –  Rambling Geek Jan 14 at 16:52

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