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I'm creating some mixins in my less.js stylesheets where I don't want the original mixin to appear in the final output.

For example, I have a couple of rules like this:

.grid1 { width: 960px; }

I'm then applying it to the element or elements I want to take those values like so:

.foo {

But then my final css file has both in.

What facility does Less provide for creating the original mixin without rendering it as a css rule as well?

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The best answer I can come up with seems to be to declare the mixin as a parametric mixin or as part of a bundle, with or without no parameters.


.grid1() { width: 960px; } /* Not rendered in final css */

as opposed to

.grid1 { width: 960px; } /* Will render */

(note lack of parentheses)

Feels a bit of a hack, but then again I'm not sure why the language should have something especially for that purpose if this does the trick.

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