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I have write an PreferenceActivity and it contains nested child PreferenceScreen. the problem is i want made them FullScreen, i've add theme.fullscreen in AndroidManifest and it works, but when i click on one of the sub-item to enter an nested PreferenceScreen, the title bar appears. and now i didn't know how to make the nested full screen too. and i've look source code for PreferenceScreen to find help. it shows that nested preferenceScreen was showed on an Dialog, and i found the code which new the Dialog in method showDialog.

Dialog dialog = mDialog = new Dialog(context, TextUtils.isEmpty(title)
            ? com.android.internal.R.style.Theme_NoTitleBar
            : com.android.internal.R.style.Theme);

it seems that noway to do that, but i really want to know is anyone can implement this in one PreferenceActivity.

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This is a bug in android see the Bug Report.

There is a workaround here by using addPreferenceFromIntent().

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