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I have gridview in my application and I need to restrict sorting if either of the 2 buttons- Button A and Button B is clicked.

I am using hidden field for the same and on the click event of both the buttons i am giving the value of hidden variable as 1.

When sort event is called, i am checking that if hiddenfield value is not equal to 1, then sorting should be perform.

But when i debug, i see the hidden field has lost its value & is coming null.

What to do?

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You don't need a custom solution for this, you can just programatically set the GridView.AllowSorting-Property.

The problem about the disappearing value most probably has to do with the Postback. If you do not use ViewState or store the value manually between Postbacks, it gets lost.

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other than that: did you try setting the hiddenfield to runat="server" and EnableViewState="true" ?

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i have done that –  Romil N Aug 9 '11 at 12:26

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