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I have two classes:

class BaseResource {
  public    $url;
  protected $relativeUrl;
  protected $parentUrl;

  public function BaseResource($relUrl, $parentUrl) {
    $this->relativeUrl = $relUrl;
    $this->parentUrl   = $parentUrl;
    $this->url         = url_to_absolute($parentUrl, $relUrl);

class XMLResource extends BaseResource {
  private $xml;

  public function XMLResource($relUrl, $parentUrl, $xml) {
    parent::BaseResource($relUrl, $parentUrl);
    $this->$xml = $xml;

It's all very simple stuff, but when I execute the following code I get an error.

$relUrl = "../something.html";
$parentUrl = "http://example.com/test/index.php";
$xml = new DOMDocument();
$xmlRes = new XMLResource($relUrl, $parentUrl, $xml);

Catchable fatal error: Object of class DOMDocument could not be converted to string

Why is it being assumed that XMLResource::xml is a string? I haven't used it yet so I would assume it is undefined until it is set and then it takes on the type of whatever it is set to?

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    $this->$xml = $xml;

should be

$this->xml = $xml;
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I really am an idiot. Thanks! – Nick Brunt Aug 9 '11 at 11:34

It's not that easy to spot, you're in the right line:

$this->$xml = $xml;

But you must look only at this part:


Do this instead:

$this->xml = $xml;

Background: PHP tries to use the content of $xml as the literal variable name, which does not work in your case because it needs a string and you're providing an object (which has no __toString() method).

The feature is called Variable variablesDocs.

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I'm not sure why PHP is assuming $xmlRes->xml is a string but you have an error in your XMLResource function:

$this->$xml = $xml;

should be:

$this->xml = $xml;
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You made 1 tiny mistake, change $this->$xml = $xml; to $this->xml = $xml;.

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