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My ability is this one:

def initialize(user)
  partner_id ||=
  can :create, Employee, :partner_id => partner_id

This is in the before block:

before(:each) do
  @employee = Factory :employee, role: "manager"
  @partner = @employee.partner
  @some_other_partner = Factory :partner
  @subject = @employee )

My positive spec is this (This one passes):

it { @subject.should be_able_to(:create, Employee, partner_id: ) }

My negative spec would be this (This one fails):

it { @subject.should_not be_able_to(:create, Employee, partner_id: ) }

How should I declare the ability in such a way that I can test that the created employee belongs to a particular partner and not to some other partner?

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You can check an ability using an instance of a class rather than the class itself:

can? :create, => 3)
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Do I understand correctly? I should pass an object with those attributes which will be set by the :create method. Easy :) – Boti Aug 9 '11 at 12:17

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