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I'm confused about where to store custom python objects (of not just basic type -- so cannot be stored as blender properties).

What I'm trying to achieve is this: I want to accomplish a heavy computation that can be started by pressing a button (operator) and can be paused by pressing the same button. The computation simply creates/modifies the object that I was talking about. Hence I want to store that object somewhere so that when I execute the operator again, work can be paused/resumed on the same object.

I've tried to store this object in self and context while in execute procedure of the operator, however both gets changed on the next call. So where else can I store the half-processed object? Or, is there anything better to accomplish pause/resume functionality?

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You might look into pickling.

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Thanks for the reply, but the problem is not related to serialization, but where to store the references of objects (created at runtime) inside blender so that they can be used later. (By later I don't mean after restarting Blender, just later in the program) – mg007 Aug 9 '11 at 17:51

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