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I'm currently having issue with Ryan Fait's custom elements script (jQuery addon for customizing form elements like radio/checkbox/select).
Problem that I'm having is with checkboxes. Thing is - user needs to click two times on checkbox to actually select it, or just click one time on label.
HTML code link: http://www.pastie.org/2344594
On the other hand, if there's no tag for styled checkbox, it's all working fine.
What can be the cause of this issue?
Thanks in advance.

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My guess is that it's got something to do with the fact that you've got <label> elements wrapped around the checkboxes. That may be causing events that are fooling the code. –  Pointy Aug 9 '11 at 12:41

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Question answered:

For this script to work properly with labels, label must not be wrapped around input, it should be wrapped around actual label and it should contain FOR attribute. Thanks Pointy for your comment even tho I resolved this question bit before you posted it :)

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