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I'm new to Android Game Development. I've been looking for an easy to use SDK which will allow me to develop multi-player Android games. I’m looking for an SDK which is preferably free and which can be easily used with Eclipse IDE. Can someone who’s experience with android game development recommend a SDK that would suit my needs?

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I believe there are several game development SDKs for Android. A google searched revealed this link: Android games development SDK?

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Thanks! I did some more research and shortlisted a couple - Skiller and Open Feint. Among these, I found OpenFeint to be some what complex. On the other hand, Skiller fits the bill for most of my requirements - it's free, works like a charm with Eclipse and when I registered for their website, I discovered that they are giving away $1000 for developers as well. –  Andriod Dev Aug 11 '11 at 10:11
Did you actually read Skiller's license agreement? It's terrible. –  Michael A. Oct 28 '11 at 10:37
Your app needs to make them $1000 before they give you the $1000! From $1000 terms and conditions: Prizes: Skiller shall distribute a sum of up to 1,000 US$ for every participant. The sum shall be Skiller’s share of the actual revenues generated from your mobile game up to a sum of 1,000US$ per each participant according to Developer License Agreement. For the avoidance of any doubt, Skiller will not send any money that was not generated as revenues from your software’s usage of the SDK –  weston Nov 16 '11 at 13:58

You'll most likely have to combine different toolkits to create what you want. There is no single SDK for creating multiplayer android games.

You'll most likely first need a render engine, such as AndEngine. Then a networking sdk such as pubnub.com or the http://www.smartfoxserver.com/ server.

Other than that, you can get your hands dirty and create your own game engine using the standard Android development toolkit.

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Thanks for your inputs. SmartFoxServer is a paid solution and looking at their pricing, it's definitely well beyond my budget. I've been playing around with the std. Android dev toolkit but I'd prefer something simpler. For a start, I'm evaluating Skiller and based on what I've seen so far, it looks pretty good. –  Andriod Dev Aug 11 '11 at 10:13
@AndriodDev Have you used skiller ? Is their service scalable ? How is performance ? –  John Watson May 14 '12 at 21:50

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