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I'm trying to refresh a repeater within a webcontrol 3 levels deep w


<asp:LinkButton onclientClick="openDialog" onClick="FireArbitrararyEvent"/> 

<div id="dialog">





The linkButton both opens the pana JQuery dialog which I'm expecting to show data immediately the panel is refreshed (in code-behind). The event listeners in level3 and level1 populate the repeater first then calls Update() on the panel respectively.

Currently the data only shows after closing and re-opening the dialog. How do I get to refresh the panel so that data is displayed first time round..

I have tried re-binding the repeater OnLoadComplete in level3 but this wont work I've tried the panel with UpdateMode as "Always" as all controls site inside the main panel on level1.

I have kept tried to keep this simple with only 1 panel but seem to be missing something with triggers?


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I found a solution in this post - Problem with ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript in WebControl nested in UpdatePanel

The issue was with getting the dialog to only pop-up after databinding, rather than just using <asp:LinkButton OnClientClick="ShowDialog" OnClick="FireEvents"/>


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