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I want to boost my MoreLikeThis results depending on there Creation date (desc) the url I'm using is


But the results I get from this url are like

  1. when q=power, and if the result is of the year say 2008, then I get MorelikeThis results for power only but for the year 2008 and it does not gives me the recent similar results.
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Are you sure, that MLT is usable? Look, if the termVector is activated for your (default) query field. Look for termVectors="true" in the schema.xml and set, if it is not.

look at this: ->

By the way: your URL does not boost anything.

For boosting look at this:

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For boosting look at this:

SolrRelevancy functions can be used only with SearchHandler, I don't know any way to use relevance/boosting functions with other handlers.

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