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I am looking for an occurance of a certain tag in my xml file. If i find an occurance then i want to get its immediate children tags (not their child tags)

Is this possible? If so what do i need to look in to ?


        <Number />
            <Division />
            <Position />
        <Country />
        <Birthdate />

if player was the input for example then the tags Number, Team, Country Birthdate would be returned

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Show some exmaple data of a simplified example input and expected output. Also, show what you have done so far. –  Tomas Jansson Aug 9 '11 at 13:39

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You can try to use linq to xml:

var doc = XDocument.Load(xmlFilePath);
List<string> urlList = doc.Descendants("yourparent");
                      .Select(x => insert value you want to select).ToList();
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