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Can you please tell me if you know of an ORM open source project that supports sqlite.net for small applications, the use of NHibrenate seems to a little bit over the top for such program, yet there are a lot of object to use.

Thank you all for your advice, sometimes its better to have no options than a lot of options its testing time.

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Pls share with us, what you have chosen and how your experience was. –  OneWorld Jan 4 '13 at 12:30
Well, yet it was a long time ago. i used PETAPOCO. If needed to do it again.. i would my infrastructure with NHIbernate, build once and reuse :) –  guyl Jun 13 '13 at 8:55

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I haven't used it but I did hear about Simple.Data which might meet your needs.


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If you want something more lightweight than NHibernate, have a look at Dapper or PetaPoco.

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I've used Dapper.Net (stackoverflow's ORM) extensively for simple stuff and ETL scenarios. It just works and has no provider specific implementation bits to go wrong.


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Take a look at Massive

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I use Microsoft Entity Framework, also for a small Application.

  • It's Not difficult at all
  • development is fast, because of great VS support (almost drag and drop)
  • there is plenty of excellent documentation and tutorials on the web
  • its actively developed and tested by Microsoft
  • System.Data.SQlite supports It

start with this series of tutorials: http://youtu.be/BS6IKdUd2V8

there are also excellent tutorials telling you how to bind the data to wpf controls

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SauceDB also supports SQLite, check it out http://sauce.codeplex.com

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Symbiotic Micro ORM


Supports Sqlite databases, and others...

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