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I'm designing a search for my blog. This is my stop words list:

STOP_WORDS = r"""\b(a|about|above|across...)\b"""
I keep getting this traceback:
Cannot process flags argument with a compiled pattern
Does anyone know why? How should I rewrite:
stop_word_list = re.compile(STOP_WORDS_RE, re.IGNORECASE)

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You don't show this code, but presumably you have



You want to pass re.IGNORECASE to re.compile with the regex string, STOP_WORDS in your case. So:

# *not* STOP_WORDS_RE!
stop_word_list = re.compile(STOP_WORDS, re.IGNORECASE)
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You don't pass re.IGNORECASE when you compile it, you pass it when you use it. See the source for re.compile.

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