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An algorithm to "spacify" CamelCased strings

I have a string like this: MyUnsolvedProblem

I want to modify the string like this: My Unsolved Problem

How can I do that? I have tried using Regex with no luck!

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var result = Regex.Replace("MyUnsolvedProblem", @"(\p{Lu})", " $1").TrimStart();

Without regex:

var s = "MyUnsolvedProblem";
var result = string.Concat(s.Select(c => char.IsUpper(c) ? " " + c.ToString() : c.ToString()))
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resultString = Regex.Replace("MyUnsolvedProblem", "([a-z])([A-Z])", "$1 $2");
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I can offer a suggestion of how to do it in C# if that helps:

String PreString = "getAllItemsByID";

System.Text.StringBuilder SB = new System.Text.StringBuilder();

foreach (Char C in PreString)
    if (Char.IsUpper(C))
        SB.Append(' ');


I'm sure that there is a way to do it with regular expressions too, but this is one option.

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LINQ based approach:

string data = "TestStringData";
var converted = data.Select(x => Char.IsUpper(x) ? String.Concat(" ", x) : x.ToString());
var singleString = converted.Aggregate((a, b) => a + b);
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