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I am trying to store the reception of some data timestamp to a variable like this:

DateTime timetora = DateTime.Now;
DateTime receptiontimestamp;
receptiontimestamp = timetora;

but I think that as timetora is always progressing receptiontimestamp does the same. But I want it to remain constant and point to the reception moment not the present. What am I doing wrong?

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I ll have to check whether all receptions happend at the same second. Because thats what it showed. Any way thanks –  redfrogsbinary Aug 9 '11 at 14:25

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It doesn't continue "progressing"

When you do:

DateTime timetora = DateTime.Now;

timetora is now fixed to that time (And so is any other DateTime you set to timetora) There's nothing wrong with what you wrote.

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The code you've given will copy the value from timetora to receptiontimestamp. It won't keep progressing. For example:

DateTime before = DateTime.Now;
DateTime after = before;

Console.WriteLine("Before: {0}", before);
Console.WriteLine("After: {0}", after);

Both lines will show the same time - they won't show ten seconds difference. As far as I can tell, that's what you wanted, right?

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DateTime is a value type, so

DateTime timetora = DateTime.Now;

creates a copy of the current DateTime. timetora will not have increased when you access it later.

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