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I am having some difficulty with Qt.openUrlExternally on Symbian^3. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, and I can't find any pattern to it.

Another user seems to be having the same problem here.

When it does not work, the actual behaviour is that a web browser opens, comes to the foreground briefly (for a few seconds), then goes to the background. It is still open, but the URL does not load.

Qt.openUrlExternally("") works.

Qt.openUrlExternally("") fails. I initially concluded that this meant any URL with ? does not work, however this is wrong because...

Qt.openUrlExternally("") works. However, it seems to work for one word only because:

Qt.openUrlExternally("") fails.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue (specifically for sending arbitrary text to Twitter I suppose), and what have they done about it?

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OK, had an result on this on the Qt forum. Qt.openUrlExternally does not seem to like URLs containing %20 as an escaped space. + works. (This brought to my attention that my second assertion above was wrong, does work).

The solution seems to be to pass the URI parameter through Javascript's encodeURIComponent() function and replace all resulting %20s with +s.

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