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Hi friends I am new iPhone developer. How to find out the device coordinates using GPS map. I tried this delegate method

- (void)locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager
didUpdateToLocation:(CLLocation *)newLocation
       fromLocation:(CLLocation *)oldLocation;

- (void)locationUpdate:(CLLocation *)location 
locationLabel.text = [location description];

NSLog(@"the locationLabel.text %@",locationLabel.text);

But error is device coordinate is working with simulator successfully But device not working this kind of error is coming what is the reason please help me

The identify used to sign the executable is no longer valid.

Please verify that your device's clock is properly set,and that your signing certificate is not expired.(0XE8008018).

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your's debug it on simulator only if you don't have iPhone Developer certificate. check on left corner in xcode you select simulator not device.

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