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I've a multiple jquery slider in one page and if I slide/drag one slider it changes the styles of all other sliders.

I want to generate the resulting html like < div class="slider_class">< div id="slider-MyNickName22222222" class="cash-slider ui-slider.... > rater than < div class="slider_class ui-slider ui-slider-horizontal....

I cant implement it in jsfiddle because a lot of arrays and loops there here is the link to main part Here is the code

drawSlider: function(elementId, sliderMax, sliderVal) {

    $(".slider_class").each(function() {
            range: "max",
            min: 0,
            max: sliderMax,
            value: sliderVal,
            step: 100,
            slide: function(event, ui) {

                      //some more code goes here



 //This prints the slider

                    $('#account-wrapper-holder').append('<div class="account-wrapper">' +
                        '<h6>' + aName[j] + ':' + aNum[j] + '</h6>' +
                        '<p><span id="text-tot-allocate-value' + aName[j] + aNum[j] + '">Current cash balance: $' + balanceRange[j] + '</span>' +
                        '<span>Total to allocate:<input type="text" id="tot-allocate-value' + aName[j] + aNum[j] + '" value="' + balanceRange[j] + '" onchange="s.setValue(parseInt(this.value))"/></span></p>' +
                        '<div class="slider_class"><div class="cash-slider" id="slider-' + aName[j] + aNum[j] + '"></div>' +
                        '<span class="value">0</span><span class="var-account-total-balance" style="float:right;">$0</span></div>'

                    _this.drawSlider('slider-' + aName[j] + aNum[j] + '', sumOfCurrencyBalances, balanceRange[j]);
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It's a little difficult to read your code because your brace/indentation formatting is a bit off. Can this be fixe? (I would edit but my rep is not high enough)? – Matt Dunnam Aug 9 '11 at 15:19
I indented the code please take a look. Thanks – Jens Aug 9 '11 at 15:23
I can't see the issue in your jsfiddle demo, and it's also a whole lot of code to look through. Maybe you would get more answers if you could boil the example down to it's bare essentials. – xec Aug 9 '11 at 16:25
@xec Thanks...I'll do.. – Jens Aug 9 '11 at 16:35

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