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I use Mono 2.6.7, CENTOS, Firebird AMD64 2.1.3 and FirebirdSQL Provider 2.5.2, all worked fine, but when firebird dataserver was upgraded to 2.5.0 version, i get this error message:

"Unable to complete network request to host "No message for error code 335544721 found."

also, I get this one sometimes:

"connection rejected by remote interface"

My connectionstring on appsetting

<add key="conns"  Value="database=/home/db.fdb;user=sysdba;password=masterkey;datasource=localhost;charset=ISO8859_1;"/>

I have tried change datasource to localhost, and servername, nothing works, also i changed charset to NONE, not work too. After I upgrade to 2.6.5 provider version, but i got the same error too.

Server is running, in fact, I can connect to firebird server from IBExpert fine remotely.

Something curious: I can load the webapplication only first time, but when I reload the page, I get the error messages

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Shoudn't user=sysdba be uppercase? (...;user=SYSDBA;password=masterkey...) –  Duilio Juan Isola Aug 22 '11 at 17:59
@Duilio The username in FB is not case sensitive; password is case sensitive. –  ain Aug 24 '11 at 9:58

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I'd solve the same isue just to delete the localhost attachment to the database, for example i put in my connectio string localhost:c:\data\mydb.ib, and replace it with c:\data\mydb.ib and all work just fine.

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