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There are many questions about accessing Rails helpers from a model, all of which rightfully state that the answer is not to do that. This is not that question.

I have some fairly complex controller and view code that I want to abstract into a presenter class. But that class isn't a descendant of ApplicationController. How can I get access to, say, devise's current_user?

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It appears there's no "official right" way to do this at the moment. Two possibilities:

  1. It's hacky, but you can store the current controller in ApplicationController, and reference it in your presenters to get at the helpers:

    class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
      prepend_before_filter { @@current_controller = self }
    class YourPresenter
      def current_user
    1. Jeff Casimir is working on a great Decorator/Presenter gem called draper that encapsulates the whole idea:


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