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I need several models, but since the data size is not more than 5 records each, it seems like a waste to use db-table. how should I do it?

these models are supposed to be linked to other models


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sounds like some kind of enum to me. if it is (does not change very much or does not need a frontend to add/edit/delete) you can put it in the model code and use sth like http://www.dereuromark.de/2010/06/24/static-enums-or-semihardcoded-attributes/

if you need to have a crud backend for it to edit it online you could group them together to a model maybe called "list_items" with a "type" field to distinguish the different models you are talking about. this way you have one model holding all those enums and you can provide add/edit/delete access for them for users/admins.


you can use array datasource One advantage of it is you can treat it like a model (linking to other models, do find() query, etc.)


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