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I know this is the way to start a street view Intent:

String uriString = "google.streetview:cbll=44.640381,-63.575911&cbp=1,90,,0,1.0"; 
Uri uri = Uri.parse(uriString); 
startActivity(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, uri)); 

What I want to do is to listen the GeoPoint (MapView.getMapCenter()) of the street view.

e.g. Initially user open streetview at GeoPoint A. User can tap to move along the street.

I want to record all footprints (GeoPoints) of the user. Any idea?

Regards, Ken

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Android does not currently support streetview in the current Maps API.

What you are doing is starting a new intent for the Maps application, leaving your application.

You will need to find another solution using MapView and see if you can find a library that gives you the streetviews.

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Ok. It seems that only embed web street view + javascript in android webview is the only solution. –  user886356 Aug 10 '11 at 3:42
There's your answer then. As a new user, remember to upvote and/or check an answer as correct if it answers your question. Glad you found a solution. :) –  Pheonixblade9 Aug 10 '11 at 13:32

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