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Besides use strict, which other use directives are there?

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Afaik none..... (until now). – Felix Kling Aug 9 '11 at 16:50
lol @ marc b. thanks for the link. I hope "RTFM" isn't your way of saying "I don't know". I will read the manual, but look forward to getting a 1 paragraph answer from someone who knows, instead of having to wade through 255 of tech spec. – fbas Aug 9 '11 at 17:16
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Some more examples that can be in the “directive prologue” (a section potentially usable by JavaScript engines):

  • 'use strict';
  • 'use asm';
    Mozilla's asm.js is a subset of the language, geared towards crunching numbers.
  • 'use stricter';
    Google's SoundScript. For fast OOP
    Has also some modes like:
  • 'use babel';
    Used in Atom.io. (Was previously: 'use 6to5';)

A tweet by Jeremy Ashkenas suggests some further use of + and - prefixes in the same 'use ...'; string ('use stricter +types -tco +jsx +asm +es2019-pre';), but that seems to contradict the spec (further clarified in kangax's answer and Bergi's answer).

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In case it's still of interest to anyone, I just ran across a "use asm" directive, for use with asm.js.

So it seems like there may be additional "use" options added over time.

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Although it isn't a declarative like "use strict";, the next version of ECMAScript (codenamed Harmony) will apparently have an opt-in capability you can use in the <script> tag.

From this article:

  • opt-in via MIME type in script tag: <script type="application/javascript;version=next"> (where “next” is a placeholder for something that has still to be determined)

The article is an overview of this presentation by David Herman, which is very much worth watching.

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Thanks, watching it now. – fbas Aug 9 '11 at 17:23
Just a note from the future, this never happened after all. – gcampbell Jun 6 at 20:15

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