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I have build a module to add translations for each standard topic. Theses topic got many standard options and you can translate it directly in page.

I got an issue with my form about the edit view.

When i display a translation it's repeat all value of the f.input :value each time he have one and i want it to display with the each of standard value.

The question is how i can iterate my input field :value in the form to display only once per standard value and not repeat all value translated by standard value.

when i want create a new one all workings fine. It's just about the iterate field who is repeated how many times he got a field in the table.

the gist for my code :


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<%= @preference_topic.preference_topic_options.each_with_index do |option, index|  %>
  <%= f.fields_for option.preference_topic_option_translations.first, option do |translate_form| %>


<%= @preference_topic.preference_topic_options.each_with_index do |option, index|  %>
  <%= f.fields_for option.preference_topic_option_translations.first || option.preference_topic_option_translations.build, option do |translate_form| %>
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