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I need to do a dynamically loaded Header and Footer on Master page where there are two placeholders to store the users controls which will become the Headers and Footers. The reason why I am doing it to make it more customizable and it is the how it is required from my supervisor as well.

So I have two key-value in web.config such as

    <add key="MasterHeader" key="~/Controls/Header.ascx"/>
    <add key="MasterFooter" key="~/Controls/Footer.ascx"/>

So I am wondering which Page event should I load these users controls by saying

UserControl uc = (UserControl) Page.LoadControl(ConfigFile.MasterHeader))
  1. Where is the best Page event to put the codes above?
  2. Do I need to put something in the page directive to make it work?
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I would use OnPreInit or OnPreLoad. You shouldn't need to put anything in the page directive to make this work, the way you're describing it.

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Can you tell why you would put them inside OnPreInit or OnPreLoad. –  Tarik Aug 9 '11 at 19:10
@Braveyard: IF the header/footer controls accept user input that you will need to retrieve on post back then the controls have to be rehydrated in one of those two events. –  NotMe Aug 9 '11 at 19:14

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