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I have some string with text and I want to replace all image links to img tags and other links to a tags.

I already did that:

$row['message'] = preg_replace('/(http:\\/\\/.+(png|jpeg|jpg|gif|bmp))/Ui', '<img height="'.self::getConfig('image_height').'" src="$1" />', $row['message'], -1, $countImages);

How to replace all links except in img tags to a tag in $row['message']?


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Add a negative lookbehind to your regex to see if the URL follows src=".

$row['message'] = preg_replace('/(?<!src=")(http:\\/\\/.+(png|jpeg|jpg|gif|bmp))/Ui', '<img height="'.self::getConfig('image_height').'" src="$1" />', $row['message'], -1, $countImages);
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