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I am attempting to load a webpage with file_get_contents(), and am running into problems.

Basically, my web app will use the youtube data api to search for videos based on a user's query, and then read each video's youtube page to find information not provided by the api. I use file_get_contents() to read the youtube pages and then load the text into a DOM parser. Most of the time, this works like a charm. However, on occasion, I'll get warnings saying that file_get_contents() returned an empty string (not for all videos, only for some of them). I know that the url I am providing is correct, because I echo a link to that url and it works as expected. I'll refresh the page, reopen my browser, switch to a different browser, etc. but nothing will work. Then, I'll leave the thing for an hour or two, come back to it, and it will magically work again!

Here is a snippet of my code:

function processNext($int) {
    // this function processes the next $int videos from the youtube data api response ($xmlDoc)
    global $xmlDoc;
    $begin = count($_SESSION["results"]) - $_SESSION["start"] + 1;
        /* $_SESSION["results"] is the array of already-processed videos
           $_SESSION["start"] and $_SESSION["end"] are the indexes of the first and last videos in the $xmlDoc
    $end = count($_SESSION["results"]) - $_SESSION["start"] + $int;

    for ($i = $begin; $i <= $end; $i++) {
        $video = $xmlDoc->entry[$i];
        $doc = new DOMDocument();
        $doc->strictErrorChecking = FALSE;

        // this is the line that is causing me problems

        $doc = $doc->documentElement;

               // then, do some processing on the $doc


Is it possible that file_get_contents() is timing out? Is cURL a better tool for what I am doing?

UPDATE: I get the same results with cURL.

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If it is a popular page, and many people are viewing it, it is possible that file_get_contents times out. Check your php.ini and see what the default_socket_timeout is set to. –  Kyle Aug 9 '11 at 18:27

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Look at $http_response_header. You can check the status code of the request. If it's anything other than 200, something has likely gone wrong. More about status codes.

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Okay, I will definitely try this. –  Ord Aug 9 '11 at 19:54
I did this, and I found that I was getting some 404 errors. BUT this was not the main source of my problem. The main problem appears to be that, sometimes, for some reason, file_get_contents() stops making new http requests. For example, when I call file_get_contents() 10 times, the first 5 requests will work, but after that, the http_response_header will remain exactly the same (including some cookie data which I know should be changing) for the next 5 requests, and the value returned will be an empty string. Any ideas what could be going on? –  Ord Aug 24 '11 at 19:10
This wasn't the root of the problem, but at least now I can error check and repeat requests that fail. Also, I don't think I'm likely to get any more answers now... :) –  Ord Oct 25 '11 at 20:19
I have the same problem so it would be great if someone figured this out. In my case I'm just doing something very simple: but getting the same results as above. My code: $somevar = file_get_contents("index.html"); echo "length=".strlen($somevar); –  MindSpiker Aug 2 '12 at 23:59

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