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I am working on a project using Zend Framework, PHP 5.3, and PostGres. I have built a javascript front end that relies heavily on AJAX requests.

For instance, any time a user tries to add a new field( which is very common), a request is sent that triggers a long running query (5-10 seconds). If the user adds 5 in a row, thats potentially 60 seconds to get the correct query value.

I would like to kill the current AJAX request and DB Query every time a successive request is received. Is there a means in Zend to track that query and kill it if a successive ajax request is received?

To give you an idea of what I'm currently working with -

 $db = Zend_Registry::get('database');
$select = 'SELECT get_Query(' . $this->client_id  ')';
$data = $db->query($select)->fetchAll();

return $data;
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According to this article, you can search the output of ps -ef for postgres queries with a status of "idle in transaction" and terminate those queries using kill

This will require the use of exec() or a similar function to execute system commands.

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