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I'm trying to construct a query string manually - however when calling Find() in my C# app it does not return any results. When calling through shell or MongoVue it does return expected results.

Is this internal limitation of the .NET driver? Does driver transform the string in some way before passing to Mongo?

Here is the query string:

   "Severity" : 2, 
   "Environment" : { "$elemMatch" : { 
       "Name" : "MachineName", "Value" : "XYZ" } }, 
   "Environment" : { "$elemMatch" : { 
      "Name" : "ApplicationName", "Value" : "ABC" } } 
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Apparently, this query is invalid as second "Environment" overwrites the first one. Nevermind, sorry –  DSY Aug 9 '11 at 19:38

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You've doubled-up "Environment". You probably can't and these together. However, you may able to $or these to get the expected behaviour.

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