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I come to you looking for best practices on maven + version management.

I am trying to deploy a proyect to an artifact repository, but I'd like the version to be referred to the scm-version. I need to do this because I have many developers working against different "revisions" of the deployed library.

The pom configuration is the following:

<namexxxx Parent</name>

and when I do:

mvn deploy source:jar -Dversion=r203

the project is deployed correctly to the artifact repository..

The problem is, by adding the ${version} I am forcing everyone to use the -Dversion= when running any maven command.

I also thought of defining a property on the profiles.xml file but I am not sure this is the best way to do it.

What would you recommend to do on this situation?

Thanks a lot, Lucas

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I'd suggest using the versions plugin for maven

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For the OP. We had the same problem, multiple devs using about 60 or so trunks with different versions. Managed to fix it by writing a groovy script to call versions-maven-plugin mentioned by Mark after it checked out all repos (or those that were in a file). Not the best way but it works just fine. – Gaurav Aug 11 '11 at 10:51

If you're using SVN, which it looks like, keyword substitution might be an option.

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