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I perform action mvn eclipse:eclipse to convert from maven project to eclipse, but it occurs an error: Cannot execute mojo: eclipse. It requires a project with an existing pom.xml, but the build is not using one.

Before it I executed command mvn archetype:generate and chose android-quickstart

It created project with pom.xml inside. can anyone help to solve this problem?

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I think you ran mvn eclipse:eclipse in the wrong directory. After you run mvn archetype:generate and choose android-quickstart you should see a new directory (possibly called android-quickstart), change to this new directory and then run mvn eclipse:eclipse i.e. you must run it in the same directory as your pom.xml as Jeremy said

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thanks, It helps me – futu Aug 10 '11 at 6:34
I'm new to stackoverflow too but I think you should accept an answer (Jeremy's or mine) see… – eon Aug 11 '11 at 15:14

In order to convert a maven project to an eclipse project, your project must first be a maven project, which requires a pom.xml to exist.

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