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I use VS2010 with Reshaper 5.1, but I have disabled Resharper intellisense so that I'm using the stock VS2010 one (Resharper>Options>Intellisense>General>Visual Studio). Now, VS2010 generates reduntant namespace qualifiers for Enums when it autocompletes assignment.


Assigning an AccessibleRole for the MainForm. Note that I am using System.Windwos.Forms


Reduntant namespace for the AccessibleRole enum

Why ? How do I fix it ? The VS Tools>Options dialog is a jungle of settings. I'm lost.

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If you are in a form context VS intellisense is attempting to disambiguate between:

AccessibleRole // implicitly this.AccessibleRole

and the enum.

The assignment works fine, but the intellisense is confused.

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You're absolutely right. Intellisense didn't get confused with other enums - my config is A-ok :-) – Nilzor Aug 10 '11 at 10:27
I have this same problem and your answer doesn't justify it as anything but a bug or "feature". In the case of an enum it cannot be ambiguous because enums do not have members. In the case of a class, there can be no ambiguity because a class cannot have a static member and an instance member of the same name. This behavior (prefixing the namespace) is not present in Visual Studio 2005 and it works fine. – Trevor Elliott Apr 23 '12 at 1:14

I know of no way to turn this off, but a resharper clean command on the file will remove the redundant qualifiers.

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