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We are using IIS 7. We need to have our JS files be processed by the same handler as aspx files, so that we can do some server-side string manipulation on them before being sent down to the browser.

We use IIS7, .NET 4, integrated pipeline mode.

We tried adding a script map, as well as a managed handler to the handler mappings to catch *.js using System.Web.UI.PageHandlerFactory.

It's being caught, but we're getting 500 errors when opening the js page.

Are we going about this the wrong way? Not quite sure what we're missing.

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Check out this posting.

However, since you're wanting to run .JS files through it, you'll need to remove the default JS build provider by adding this line:

<remove extension=".js" />

So that the buildProviders block looks like this:

    <remove extension=".js" />
    <add extension=".js" type="System.Web.Compilation.PageBuildProvider" /> 
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Perfect. Thank you. –  Ben Delaney Aug 11 '11 at 17:49

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