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Yesterday I have started implementing cucumber tests for my rails application. I got the initial feature right. But when I write features i could see some are repeating

Ex: login feature (scenario),

I'm thinking of how to make those steps DRY, by calling those features inside other features.

I found these article also useful



But i think since I'm new to cucumber, I'm little confused on how to implementing repeating features.

can someone point me to the right direction

i'm using Rails3

thanks in advance

cheers sameera


I have the following scenario to login

Scenario: login
         Given a user that is "test"
         When I go to the homepage
         Then I should see "Good Food"
         When I fill in "user_session_login" with "test"
         When I fill in "user_session_password" with "welcome"
         When I press "user_session_submit"
         Then I should see "Welcome test"

and I have another scenario to view the dashboard (initial page user sees after login)

Scenario: view_dashboard
         <need to add the login feature here>
         Then I should see <some link in dashboard>

I want to add the login feature in the view_dashboard feature, so that I dont want to repeat the login in dashboard.

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It's difficult to understand what you're asking. Can you post an actual example? –  Andy Waite Aug 9 '11 at 22:05
hi @Andy, sorry for the confusion, I updated the post –  sameera207 Aug 9 '11 at 22:14

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You can add a step which is called "Given a user logged in"

and add the form/login process in this step..

So you can use "Given a user logged in" in every feature...

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