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I'd like to ask you, how to translate labels of fields in generator.yaml file. Generally, how to translate content of yaml's files?


  actions: ~
      label: Name

how to make 'name' translatable?

Thx in advance & best wishes from Poland :)


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You don't really need to do anything. Whether your label comes from generator.yml or from your ModelForm class, in the end your label string goes through sfWidgetFormSchemaFormatter::translate method that handles translation.

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You need to listen do the form.post_configure event. I usually have this in my project configuration class like the following:

class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration

  public function setup()
        $this->dispatcher->connect('form.post_configure', array($this, 'listenToFormPostConfigure'));

   * Listens to the command.post_command event.
   * @param sfEvent An sfEvent instance
   * @static
  static function listenToFormPostConfigure(sfEvent $event)

    $form = $event->getSubject();
    $widgetSchema = $form->getWidgetSchema();
    foreach ($form->getValidatorSchema()->getFields() as $fieldName => $validator)
      if (isset($widgetSchema[$fieldName]))
        $label = $widgetSchema[$fieldName]->getLabel() ? $widgetSchema[$fieldName]->getLabel()
            : sfInflector::humanize($fieldName);
        $label = __($label);
        $asterisk = $validator->getOption('required') ? ' *' : null;
        $widgetSchema[$fieldName]->setLabel($label . $asterisk . ' :');



This will append an asterisk to the required labels and also translate the labels. Hope it'll be useful to you too.

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