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i'm trying to add a facebook connect button to pages other than jomsocial's frontpage and it seems that i should be using the module mod_jomsocialconnect, but it isn't in my ~/modules folder.

anyone know:

  • if in newer versions of joomla and jomsocial if the module should be there but isn't or if it's been moved/renamed/fused with other code...
  • how i might go about getting a working "login through facebook" button in my login module (through pre/post text etc.) or basically anywhere else preferably without buying something like JFBConnect

i have spent quite awhile on google and documentation on jomsocial, joomla, and facebook. any help appreciated!

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Have you installed it? It would have came with your JomSocial archive. Make sure you unzip modules_unzip_first_2.2.4.zip and you will find mod_jomsocialconnect.zip inside.

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installed correctly as far as i can tell. since this seems to indicate i should have it but don't, i'll take a look at my zip file again. thanks! –  Ian Ooi Aug 11 '11 at 18:29

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